Hi, there. I'm

Rob Brackett,

Currently residing in the SF Bay area.
work at robbrackett dot com

The details? I’m Rob and I work to craft rich, interactive software that works well for real people—especially when it comes to the web and mobile. I spend the workday consulting with large and small organizations to help them create software with better user interfaces and technical documentation. ( if you are interested in working together.)

I’ve also been known to produce code and ideas for outfits like the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI), a non-profit advocating scient-and-data-based decision-making and public data access in government, Editorially, a small company that built collaborative writing and editing tools; Code for America, a non-profit helping city governments better build and use public-facing technology; Apple, a company that makes computer-y things; Appcelerator, makers of the Titanium framework; and Involution Studios, a little design firm in Boston.

But that’s the professional story. When roaming free of a computer, I’m known to monitor San Francisco’s morning fog levels on Twin Peaks, backpack long trails, and undertake many-months-long bike rides through Asia and the arctic.

Want to know more? Check my résumé or other profiles across the web: